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War on Immigrants Report December 2013

10 pm show In today’s show we speak with two quite different Latino leaders; socially conservative NY State Senator Rev. Rubén Díaz of the 32nd Senatorial District in the Bronx—and also with Claudia De la Cruz, organizer of protests in Washington Heights and part of the Urban Butterflies movement, as she spoke at a Socialist Action Forum.  We will also speak with Todd Miller, reporter with Toms Dispatch, who will bring in an important aspect of the current developments. As he writes in a recent Mother Jones article about US involvement in Haitian-Dominican border tensions, “Considering that US forces occupied the Dominican Republic and Haiti numerous times in the previous century, it’s easy to imagine why Washington’s border chieftains consider this sad, impoverished spot part of our “backyard….” With this in mind, the experimental border control technologies being tested along the US-Mexican boundary line and the border-industrial complex that has grown up around it are heading abroad in a major way.”

Systems that marginalize others also make them disappear. Because Human Rights Day is December 10, in the last segment of today’s show we will also speak with artist Mariam Ghani, about Index of the Disappeared, the project that she and Chitra Ganesh, which is a physical archive of post 9/11 disappearances and a mobile platform for public dialogue.


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