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War on Immigrants Report April 2012

Here is the Radio show.

We begin tonight’s show with a brief discussion with activist parents confronting the impending closure of scores of public schools, such as Bryant High School, which has been operating in Astoria for 127 years. Local parents, teachers and elected officials are outraged, but the Bloomberg Administration has been insistent. To what extent do low graduation retention rates of immigrant students play a role in these closures? What is the political and ideological context for such disruptive moves?

Further examining the education of immigrants in New York City we will speak to Dr. Marcelo Suarez Orozco, noted author of many books on immigrant children and Special Advisor to the Chief Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court, The Hague. Dr. Suarez Orozco and his wife Professor Carola Suarez Orozco serve as Co-Directors of Immigration Studies at New York University and among the authors of a new report Growing Up in the Shadows: The Developmental Implications of Unauthorized Status.

In the second half of the show, we speak with Roberto Lovato, frequent writer for The Nation and other publications, about political trends among immigrants, especially right wing inroads among Latinos. As immigrant communities pursue a dream of assimilation and success, do they lose touch with more community oriented values such as solidarity and adapt to the values of “Late Capitalism?” Despite harsh anti-immigrant rhetoric emanating from the political Right, certain social factors sustain forms of conservatism among many Latino communities. What is the likely political result, what are the complexities and what signs of hope can one detect?


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